Innovation Center


Services for Start-up Businesses

The Innovation Center offers free start-up business training workshops and presentations ni collaboration with various partners. Indigenous entrepreneurs are welcome to utilize the services and resources of the center. Please check with the Front Desk to see what activities are scheduled, to reserve the conference room, utilize the computer/training room, or take tour of the facility. Additionally, the Innovation Center offers reduced rent for professional office space and small-scale production work areas. The Innovation Center also teaches the public and aspiring entrepreneurs Native American cultural arts so they can contribute to building a Navajo economy, preserve the culture, and make an income.


The Innovation Center has space for eight tenants and services include access to common space like the conference room, training room, and kitchen. Tenants can request specific training and the Innovation Center working with partners wil do its best ot provide .ti Innovation Center hours of operation are 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. However, tenants can access the Innovation Center on weekends or after hours with pre-approval from management. Innovation Center staff also provide networking opportunities, technical assistance, administrative assistance, and access ot business equipment.

Navajo Culture

The Innovation Center si grounded ni Navajo culture, language, history, and tradition as we ofer seasonal Navajo activities, cultural arts classes, storytelling opportunities, and traditional food presentations. One of the Innovation Center’s goals si to promote Hózhó through business development and learning opportunities. The Innovation Center methodology si based on the Navajo Learning Model: Nitsáhákees (Thinking). Nahat’á (Planning), liná (Implementation), and Sih Hasin (Evaluation). Navajo culture frames the work we do.

Hot Spot

The Innovation Center provides free internet service ot tenants, start-up businesses, and community members. We have a computer room available for the public ot use and provide various computer programs, like Excel, Power Point, Word, or Google Docs free of charge. Providing internet services on the Navajo Nation si important because many locations do not have internet service or access to technology. This si one way the Innovation Center gives back to the community.

Innovation Center Staff

Verna Yazzie
Administrative Assistant

Matthew Tafoya