Who We Are

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NTIC Logo FINAL FINAL 2 1Our team of professionals understands that the early years of business operation are as dynamic as they are important. Location, resources, support and teamwork are key factors in developing a firm foundation for emerging businesses. The Navajo Tech Innovation Center has established a strong sense of business both on and off the reservation while formulating a unique mix of those key factors to expand the horizons of new firms on and around the Navajo Nation.

The concept of entrepreneurialism is not new to Navajo culture which is why we want to make quality a part of our ongoing tradition at NTIC. We strive to collaborate and support a proactive community of entrepreneurs within the Navajo Nation as well as assist the launch of successful start-up ventures in north western New Mexico. We believe that achieving this goal will lead to more accomplishments such as diversification, economic growth, job creation and sustainability of the Navajo Nation.

Our Innovation Center is certified by the State of New Mexico Economic Development Department as a Certified Business Incubator and is operated by a team of professionals with decades of unique experience gained both on and off the Navajo Nation.