The Ke’yah Advanced Rural Manufacturing Alliance (KARMA)
“KARMA upholds Navajo cultural traditions while providing economic opportunities that enable collaboration on a world-wide platform of diverse and dynamic initiative by design”


The Ke’yah Advanced Rural Manufacturing Alliance (KARMA) is a statewide collaboration of industry, academia, and government that spans the Navajo Nation and five counties of New Mexico serving diverse markets. KARMA is comprised of Navajo Technical University-Navajo Tech Innovation Center (NTU-NTIC), NTU Center for Digital Technologies (NTU-CDT), New Mexico State University Arrowhead Center (NMSU-Arrowhead Center), Emerging Technology Ventures (ETV), and Independent Platform.

We work on creating programs that stimulate the Navajo tech economy through entrepreneurship, innovation and technology-enabled collaboration. We believe in nurturing innovation that can transform the Navajo communities to create jobs, spur economic growth and close the economic opportunity gap that confronts far too many Navajo people. In order to accelerate thriving Navajo communities, KARMA offers “hands-on” K-12 school programming, advanced manufacturing and entrepreneurial training, internships, and technology transfer programming at NTU.

These offerings will ultimately increase interconnection and self-sustaining opportunities within Navajo and empower students to be influential in their communities. This new Navajo business model will entice upcoming students to stay in their communities, and to explore the potential of advanced manufacturing as a career or avenue to business-ownership. The resulting best practices, coupled with innovative educational programs, will empower Navajo students, faculty and communities to move into advanced manufacturing markets that can become a major Navajo economic engine.

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